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The Process From Start to Finish.

Free Estimate 

First things first, give us a call to schedule a free in home estimate. Upon arrival we’ll take quick & accurate measurements that will allow us to determine the square footage of your project. Once the square footage is calculated a more accurate estimate can be given. 

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Fabrication & Installation 

Allow us to assist you in visiting some of Arizona’s largest granite wholesale warehouses. During this stage of the process we will select the exact slabs that will be fabricated and installed in your home. 


Second, Templating. 

Based off of the measurements of your countertops, the fabricator will make a template replica that accurately portrays your project. These templates help provide a visual aid as to how your countertops will be fabricated and installed. 

The templating process may take place as soon as the free in home estimate​​.

Once the template is complete, the fabricator will also discuss seam placement, edge detail, backsplash and sink & faucet placement. 

Seam placement – based on the measurements of your project and the slab size of your granite, you may have seams. At this time, you and the fabricator will discuss the best placement of the seams based on weight distribution and aesthetics. 

Edge detail – There are an array of edge detail options to choose from, some edge details may cost more than others. Pictured below are some of the ‘standard’ edge detail options already included in your free estimate. 

Backsplash – Just like the edging details, there are many options when it comes to a backsplash application. At this time, decide if you’d like a granite or tile backsplash. When considering a granite backsplash most are anywhere from 4-18 inches in height. 

Sink & Faucet – Next, consider your sink and faucet layout. The fabricator will need to know the dimension of the sink or may even need the template that comes when purchasing a sink. As for the faucet, upon installation the fabricator will need to know the style of faucet to provide core hole cut outs. 


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